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MULTI-LAYER COMPOSITE PE pipe extrusion line
Introduction: Developed using latest European technology. It can produce PE/PP, PE/PE multi-layer composite PE pip
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WTPP-R COMPOSIE pipe extrusion line
Introduction: New PP-R/AL/PP-R composite pipe extrusion line is developed from PP-R pipe technology, which overcom
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PE-AL-PE COMPESITE pipe extrusion line
Introduction: Extrusion Die Unique co-extrusion technology ensures high quality co-extrusion. Advanced sizing wa
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HDPE SILICON pipe extrusion line
Introduction: Developed with advanced European technology. Nice out-look with new structure, automatic and running
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RUBBER PLASTIC pipe extrusion line
Introduction: It covers one PP layer on rubber in advance during sulfuration process to ensure rubber quality. It'
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SJB SOFT PVC BRAIDED hose extrusion line
Introduction: The pipe is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction and building, etc. It consists of inn
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